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Liz Vercoe asks what words mean

Kim Fletcher is too mean to pay

Nick Jenkins remains hopeful

Simon English plots mischief


Liz Gerard It’s a bit late now

Michael White Fighting dirty

Tom Leonard Catnip for viewers

Bill Hagerty My night with GB News

Julian Petley Where power lies

Lynne O’Donnell Letting down Afghans

David Aaronovitch Writing for money

Roy Greenslade We know who’s guilty

Sean O’Neill Let us name them

Amit Roy What I have learned


Book reviews

Alex Massie doesn’t buy James O’Brien

Stryker McGuire gets to know Rupert Murdoch

Kerry Brown questions media views on China

Simon Kuper marvels at Nadine Dorries

John Stapleton strolls down memory lane

Quotes of the quarter

X Watch

The way we were

The price is too high

The UK has not always been blessed in its newspaper proprietors: we’ve had the Canadian sent to jail in America for defrauding his shareholders, the British national who bought a famous title with the proceeds of porn, the Czech-born naturalised Briton who ran off...

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What do you mean?

What if it’s not possible to write “the truth”? What if words themselves are the problem? About the most hotly debated subject since the former president and would-be president Donald “The Donald” Trump launched the term Fake News has been journalism and truth....

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