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Michael White watches a witch hunt

The lady chief justice wants reporters in court

John Mair mourns questioning newspapers


Rachael Jolley joins a club

David Morley George Galloway and us

Ben Lynfield Israeli media bang the drum

Asad Ali Toor Why I fear for my life

Ian Reeves Death of a university course

Neil Roberts Russell Brand misses the target

John Ryley How to fix the BBC

Roy Greenslade Conspiracy in Ulster

Jody Doherty-Cove Let’s make AI our friend

Krzysztof Bobinski All change in Poland

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Yvonne Roberts braves the trolls

Tamzin Booth sees what we have become

Karl Pike reads up on the Labour leader

Martin Kettle remembers an earlier one

Colin Freeman on the horror for hostages

Robert Fox learns how to lie

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Pippa Crerar @PippaCrerar

Apr 30

BREAKING: RedBird IMI, an Abu-Dhabi backed vehicle, announces it’s putting Daily Telegraph & Spectator titles up for sale, after purchase effectively blocked by govt which plans to outlaw foreign state ownership of UK newspapers.

David Davis @DavidDavisMP

Apr 30

This is the right outcome for press freedom in the UK. However, this entire episode highlights wider problems – it should never be the case that a foreign government can own our media outlets.

Gordon McIntosh #FBPE @Gordy_Mc1ntosh

Apr 30

His name’s Dave, he’s a ‘he’ not a ‘she’, and you’re affirming his sexual fetish with your article. And his abuse of his wife and children. Consider not doing so.

Alex Wickham @alexwickham

Apr 30

RedBird/Telegraph questions remaining: – how much? Can Osborne/Raine sell at a premium? – how long will auction run? No end date – what/when will govt decide on foreign state regs? – does it drag into next govt? – would Labour take as hard a line on UAE?

Adam S.Business Owner, Vintner, 3.5% @Adam_SH69

Apr 30

That bastion of liberalism and dazzlingly brilliant thought-provoking articles, The Daily Telegraph A newspaper read by the most progressive people in society. Is being put up for sale. In case anyone is interested ?

Media Reform Coalition @mediareformUK

Apr 30

Whether it’s foreign governments or billionaire moguls, free expression & editorial independence suffer when vested interests dominate our media. Will UK politicians now block Rothermere, Murdoch or Paul Marshall from owning the Telegraph & Spectator?

Matthew Pennell @Matt_building

Apr 30

Just a reminder that the Telegraph has been ‘up for sale’ since last June. Its circulation has declined by 70% this century and has lost ground to the Times, FT, Guardian and Independent in terms of sales, website traffic and social media reach

paul bassett davies @thewritertype

Apr 30

The Telegraph is up for sale. Someone should buy it and turn it into a newspaper.

Fraser Nelson @FraserNelson

Apr 30

Parliament decided that Emirati gvt should have no influence in UK press. The deal was blocked. Yet the Emiratis are now in charge of deciding who should buy the Telegraph and Spectator (both still owned by the Barclay family). Seems they are in no rush.

City A.M. @CityAM

May 3

Media secretary Lucy Frazer has demanded fortnightly updates into the sale of The Telegraph so it can wrap up “as soon as possible”, despite the Redbird IMI has said the government will have no role in the sale.