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Janice Turner @VictoriaPeckham

Feb 3

I interviewed the trans woman @DebbieHayton about her new book Transexual Apostate. She is honest and open about that most taboo subject in gender politics autogynephilia (AGP), literally the male desire for oneself as a woman.

Clare Page: No Secret Lessons @NoSecretLessons

Feb 3

It’s hard to know which is the worse pretender here: Hayton in rubber gloves or Turner for presenting herself as a journalist. Where were the serious questions? Did it not cross @VictoriaPeckham’s mind to ask if he gets a buzz from teaching children dressed this way?

Jack Rimbaud @Rimbaud58

Feb 3

His name’s Dave, he’s a ‘he’ not a ‘she’, and you’re affirming his sexual fetish with your article. And his abuse of his wife and children. Consider not doing so.

Janice Turner @VictoriaPeckham

Feb 3

I ask these people: what do they want someone like Debbie to do? She is offering a sane, realistic middle way, where biological sex has precedence when necessary but identity is respected. And yes, I call her “she” in the piece after transition, “he” before. Out of respect…

Helen Saxby @helensaxby11

Feb 3

I think the time for courteous pronoun use ended as soon as Stonewall et al insisted that every man who says he’s a woman is actually a woman, no exceptions. If that’s where they draw their line we have no choice where to draw ours.

Duncan @DuncanHenry78

Feb 3

This middle way appears to involve pretending some men are not men. Which is false Are you implying my refusal to pretend men are women is disrespectful to men pretending they aren’t men? It’s really important to me as a gay man to insist all men are equally men. It’s also fact

Janice Turner @VictoriaPeckham

Feb 3

The issue of pronouns is becoming absolutist on BOTH sides. Stonewall demands even bearded rapists be called “she”, GC [gender critical] ultras refuse to call any trans woman “she”. I reject both positions. I never call male sex offenders she/her. But I will be courteous to those who respect women

Kathleen Stock @Docstockk

Feb 3

Janice Turner is a brilliant journalist (not activist – there is a difference) who has been writing forthrightly about how transactivism negatively affects women and girls for longer than most of the anons now slating her for being a traitor even knew about it – and taking the hits. Of course you can disagree with her, and she would want you to. But at some point people really need to recognise the difference between enemies and friends.