Editorial The fog of war

Not finally

Graham Majin explains liberal journalists

Mike White celebrates parliamentary sketches

James Hanning tackles sports writers

Ivor Gaber stands up for a free press


Zoe Broughton Taking demos viral

John Ryley Three things to improve media

Clare Jenkins Weep for your local paper…

Anon …and those who work there

Roy Greenslade The right takes down media

Glover, Greenslade, Kavanagh, Barnett Rupert Murdoch’s legacy

Mihir Bose Sport and race

Wendy Sloane Russia attacks women journalists

Jamie Wiseman Greece threatens media freedom


Lionel Barber probes the Barclay family

Phil Harding reveres Charles Wheeler

Trevor McDonald admires Clive Myrie

Henry Oliver stands up for George Orwell

Conrad Landin worries about PR men

Roy Greenslade explains a celebrated scoop


Quotes of the Quarter

The Cudlipp Award

The Wheeler Award

Acclaim for Bill Hagerty

X watch

The way we were


Cover photographs: Zoe Broughton

Breaking news

The veteran BBC correspondent Martin Bell, appearing recently on a panel to discuss the future of journalism, recalled wars in Israel in 1967 and 1973, when he and his crew had been free to go wherever they dared. He made the point to show how hard it is to achieve...

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Playing from the gallery

I’m delighted to be proven wrong. When I started to type this piece it looked as if The Times had decided to save the price of a sketchwriter and not replace Quentin Letts after his return to the Daily Mail. It is a more natural habitat for a man of his pronounced...

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Singling out the women

As press freedom declines, Russian authorities fear women journalists pose a particular threat to their control . . . and are targeting them accordingly

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Cudlipp Award 2023

The 2023 Cudlipp Award, sponsored by the British Journalism Review in memory of former Fleet Street editor Lord (Hugh) Cudlipp, has been won by Sky News in collaboration with Tortoise Media for their investigation into the extra-parliamentary earnings of MPs. The...

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The Charles Wheeler Award

Christiane Amanpour, chief international anchor for CNN, is the 2023 winner of the Charles Wheeler Award, presented by the British Journalism Review for an outstanding contribution to broadcast journalism, in memory of the celebrated BBC reporter and presenter....

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