Editorial Out of intensive care


James Hanning investigates sources

Nick Jenkins says climate change is no joke

Holly Asquith seeks help for Afghan media

Steven Barnett on why privacy matters

Stephen Cushion Who is 24-hour news for?

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Our tribute to three great journalists


Jeremy Paxman asks questions

John Naughton explains a revolution

Dennis Sewell answers Alastair Campbell

Catherine Macleod explores lobby life

David Leigh judges Julian Assange

Lucy Kellaway explores family ties

Denis MacShane discusses the lure of politics

Alan Rusbridger celebrates a playwright

Quotes of the Quarter

X watch

The way we were

Vintage property

We are about to learn what a national newspaper is worth these days, some 30 years after the print industry wondered how to respond to the arrival of its potential nemesis, the internet. An auction for The Daily Telegraph and its Sunday sibling will shortly be under...

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The British Journalism Review lost three of its greatest friends in the last quarter: Don Berry, a former member of the BJR editorial board and master of newspaper production at The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph and the London Evening Standard; Michael Leapman, also a member of the editorial board, correspondent and diarist for The Times and prolific author; and Ann Leslie, BJR book reviewer and star feature writer. We celebrate them and the journalistic era in which they played leading roles.

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