Editorial We’ve created a monster

ChatGPT editorial for press freedom

ChatGPT editorial against press freedom

Not finally…

Tom Leonard watches real life drama

Mark Damazer rallies behind the BBC

Bill Hagerty watches journalists on TV

Steven Barnett and Julian Petley Ofcom is useless

Julia Langdon What Grenfell tells us

Michael Cole Cats look at a king

Roy Greenslade Readers, not principles

Martin Moore Official sources in Ulster

and Colm Murphy

Donald Macintyre The Bernard Ingham legacy

Jamie Wiseman Hungary hobbles the media

Mark Bryant Drawing the line

Book Reviews

Alan Moses urges wider reading

Roger Boyes analyses Ukraine and Russia

Stewart Purvis explains Jon Snow

Catherine Pepinster forgives Ed Stourton

Stryker McGuire explores selective memory

Liz Vercoe adores magazines

Bill Hagerty glimpses another world

Robert Fox knows his war reporting

Mihir Bose separates fact and fiction


Quotes of the quarter

The way we were

The inhuman touch

Did those stable lads who ran into the road to gawp at the arrival of the internal combustion engine have any inkling that their world was about to change? After the wonder (it moves on its own!), the laughter (it’s broken down!) and the complacency (it’ll never...

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Driven Snow

At times over the past three decades, viewers of Channel Four News probably made informed guesses about the personal views of the main presenter. Now, with Jon Snow retired from news presenting duties and unburdened by the legal requirement to observe “due...

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Judges should read The Sun

How rare but welcome it is to be urged to feel sympathy for the press. The central theme of Geoffrey Robertson’s important polemic is the media’s plight in the face of intimidation from the rich and powerful, intent on preventing exposure of how they became rich or...

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He played it straight

A Saturday afternoon in Brisbane in August 1988. We’re on an (unusually) less than news-packed trip with Margaret Thatcher to Australia and East Asia, my discomfort magnified by the fact that the Sunday Express and the Mail on Sunday were represented by their sister...

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Your readers or your principles?

Initial British media reaction to the government’s “solution” to the Northern Ireland protocol in February was nothing short of ecstatic. It was hailed by newspapers and by news broadcasters as an unparalleled triumph. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was congratulated for...

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Rein in the press

The UK newspaper industry has been subject to numerous scandals over the years, with phone hacking and other unethical behaviour being just the tip of the iceberg. The lack of regulation in the industry has allowed newspapers to engage in illegal and unethical...

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Hands off us

The debate surrounding press regulation in the UK is a contentious one, with many arguing that greater regulation is necessary to hold journalists and media organizations accountable for their actions. However, the reality is that freedom of the press is a fundamental...

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