Editorial Long to reign over us

Not finally…

Ben Whitelaw analyses a new medium

Kim Fletcher wants less cosiness

Emma Thompson doesn’t read reviews


James Hanning Wild about Harry

Roy Greenslade Another royal, a different time

Julian Petley How the Mail went mad

Stewart Purvis Channel 4: a bridge too far

John Ryley TV news is magic

Andy Cairns Jobs for the girls

Tim Luckhurst UK newspapers in wartime

Mark Bryant The father of cartooning

Kevin Helliker Why I became a journalist


Robert Fox analyses a vicious war

Rachel Sylvester traces Liz Truss

Peter Hitchens asks what’s new

Andrew Neil admires David Dimbleby

Henry McDonald relives The Troubles

Julie Welch watches 50 years of failure

Conrad Landin respects newspaper offices

Matthew Engel is suddenly back at school


Quotes of the quarter

The way we were

Crowning Glory

Why didn’t they listen? Almost two years ago, when our newspapers threatened to explode with impotent fury every time Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, said anything, we suggested the press should simply ignore them. They are doing it to get attention,...

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Send for a psychiatrist

In which we are plunged into the Tory psychodrama of the defenestration of Boris Johnson, the election of Liz Truss and the acclamation of Rishi Sunak, as filtered through 90 issues of the Daily Mail. From the day Johnson resigned to the day Sunak took office, with a...

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It’s still all to play for

The number of female journalists in highly visible roles at the World Cup suggested that a corner had been turned in an industry previously dominated by men. The BBC and ITV had women in senior on-screen positions, presenting, reporting or working as pundits. FIFA...

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Good with words

For almost half a century, David Dimbleby was the face and voice of BBC TV for all the great events of state that a national broadcaster is expected to cover – and to cover well. Overwhelmingly, the BBC has covered them well, in no small measure because it could count...

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Give youth its head

Scrolling through The News Movement’s stories, you can’t help but notice something different about the outlet’s coverage. The start-up, founded in early 2021, is clearly not targeting your typical middle-aged male news consumer. On TikTok, explainers about the...

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