Editorial – Growing pains

Not finally…

Peter Oborne berates lobby reporters

Grant Feller loathes attacks on migrants

Jane Fae asks for fairer coverage

Peter McKay admires mighty barons

Nick Jenkins watches television news


Mark Austin We need to be there

Wendy Sloane Putin pulls the plug

Ivor Gaber What Russians believe

Elena Vardon Caught in a war


What the papers said On Boris Johnson . . .

… and his successor

Michael Hill An unexpected job

Chandni Sembhi From the outside in

Luke Jacobs Increasing opportunity

Hilary Scott London is to blame

Steven Barnett More harm than good

David Elstein Sell off C4 now

John Illman Our way of death



Liz Forgan bemoans posh schooling

Peter Kellner explains polling

John Lloyd analyses the English

Tim Radford understands science

Yvonne Roberts examines Anna Wintour

Sarah Sands admires Tina Brown

Claire Armitstead recalls publishing hype


The way we were

Quotes of the quarter

Twitterwatch 60

Do grow up

How time flies. Is it really three years since we discussed on these pages the generosity shown by journalists to an incoming prime minister who had been plucked from their own ranks? Normally something dies in journalists when figures alongside them succeed. Peers...

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The usual suspects

During his final couple of years, I became my father’s personal and woefully unqualified rabbi. The only person to whom he confessed mistakes and regrets, shared triumphs and memories, both joyous and painful. Once, he sat me down at the kitchen table to tell me about...

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