Editorial – Going to war 3


Not finally…

David Higgerson reports local politics 5

Richard Burton discusses complaints 7

Bobby Seagull gets news from TikTok 10

Don Berry hates modern layouts 12


Matt Frei Taking sides 13

Wendy Sloane Russian propaganda 16

Scott Griffen The cost for journalism 21


Caroline Kean Free speech fights back 25

Chris Mullin Why sources matter 30

Kevin Duffy Straight talking 35

Richard Addis Children and news 41

William Russell My celebrity gaffes… 47

Julia Langdon … and MPs’ egos 51

Julian Petley The great Brian Winston 55

John Owen Brave or stupid? 59



Trevor Phillips supports Kathleen Stock 67

Bernard Donoughue praises Anthony Holden 70

Sarah Sands analyses Justin Webb 73

Ivor Gaber explains political spin 75

Conrad Landin misses labour reporters 78

Mark Bradley reveres the regional press 80

Bill Hagerty goes back to Louise Heren 82


Quotes of the quarter 40

Twitterwatch 46

The way we were 84

The fog of war

The journalists who went off to Ukraine as Vladimir Putin sent in his army expected at worst to find themselves under bombardment, at best to be reporting under Russian censorship within days. Few thought they would be broadcasting live in the weeks that followed, let...

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A thirst for knowledge

Who says a new generation isn’t interested in news? All it takes is a more imaginative way to present it My five-year-old granddaughter studies the war in Ukraine. In her primary school reception class, she has learned that Putin is a “bad king” who drops bombs on...

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How to interview celebrities… and politicians

Worried about your interview with the big star? Learn these simple tips from a man who has met them all and nothing can go wrong. Or a politician? If you thought show business was tricky, wait until you are dealing with cabinet ministers. Interviewing the famous has...

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What on earth was I thinking?

Would you risk a long prison sentence under a repressive regime to smuggle incriminating video needed by a colleague? This writer did I am sitting in a food court in a nearly empty mall, sipping a McDonald’s coffee and waiting for my Bahraini contact to arrive and...

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