Editorial – Pure news 3

Not finally…

Tom Mangold bans vox pops 5

Steven Barnett falls out of love 7

John Mair watches television news 9

Aidan White recalls Andrew Jennings 11

Christopher Howse knows his grammar 13

Kim Fletcher investigates a big deal 15

Peter Oborne Our lying prime minister 18

Julian Petley The truth about privacy 26

Paul Foster Understanding polls 35

Patrick Barwise Philistines and the BBC 39

Fiona Chesterton Remember young viewers 43

Kim Fletcher Who needs print? 49

James Hanning Spies and journalists 55

Tom Leonard A dilemma for US media 60

Martin Bright Happy birthday, Index! 65


Ian Jack examines Nigel Farage 71

Gary Gibbon admires Michael Cockerell 74

Maggie O’Kane celebrates Virginia Cowles 76

David Pegg explores trust 79

Twitterwatch 17/54

Quotes of the quarter 48/70

The way we were 34

What the papers said on Boris Johnson 24

Cover illustration: Martin Rowson

Taking back control

Was ever a medium more suited to journalists and journalism than Twitter? Solipsistic, self-promoting, credulous and with a short attention span – no wonder we keep going back. It gets stick for encouraging the mean-spirited, but today it deserves only praise. Twitter...

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Nothing to say

Tom Mangold Now that the talented and BBC luggage-free Deborah Turness is taking over BBC TV news, will she at last be able to end, once and for all, the curse of the TV vox pop? Invented as a space filler for news items half a century ago, the vox pop (vox populis –...

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Ipso should be ashamed

Steven Barnett As a kid growing up in a close-knit north London Jewish family, I was part of a Friday night ritual that was replicated in thousands of Jewish homes across the country. We would go to my grandmother’s for supper (featuring the best chicken soup this...

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Tin ears

Christopher Howse Amol Rajan, the BBC’s busy media editor and Today programme presenter, has an engaging way of admitting some of his failings. On air, he openly discussed having panic attacks before his first Today shift. Of an antimonarchist piece he wrote for...

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When media don’t add up

Paul Foster Despite the rise in data journalists, the industry is terrible with numbers, particularly on poll results Every year I like to carry out a snap survey of my journalism students. I ask them one simple question: who’s good at maths? As you might expect, just...

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