Editorial – New faces 3

Not finally…

Tom Mangold asks for a source 5

Kim Fletcher despairs of interviews 7

Anthony Delano devours journalism fiction 9

Kevin Duffy remembers a dream that faded 11

Lynne O’Donnell – The journalists we left to die 15

Alan Moses – My job application 23

Dominic Young – A plan to save the industry 29

James Harkin – The cost of philanthropy 35

Tim Luckhurst – The politics of papers 41

Jess Glass, Hamzah Khalique-Loonat, Adam Maidment, Jessica Morris, Adam Samuel – Nothing better than journalism 48

Polly Graham – Something better than journalism 55

Bill Hagerty – A lost world 61

Nick Jenkins – Buildings that talked power 66


Ameila Gentleman admires tenacity 73

Joan Smith exposes identity theft 75

Ian McKerron can smell the newsroom 77

Peter Cole hands out a prize 79

Conrad Landin feels wistful 81

Julia Langdon chews the fact 83

Twitterwatch 14/46

Quotes of the quarter 22/40

The way we were 72

Room at the top

Not everyone hands over power with good grace, so it was encouraging to hear the long-time political editor and news presenter Adam Boulton, stepping down this month after 32 years at Sky News. Television, he told The Times, was very sensitive to diversity. “We all...

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Time for a kite mark

Tom Mangold How come you can walk into a travel agency and rest assured they won’t send you on holiday to Sanaa or Kabul this year, but you’ll believe any old garbage on social media just because it’s in print? How come you’ll cross question your teenage child several...

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If Paul Dacre is the wrong fit…

Alan Moses Now that the former editor of the Daily Mail has ruled himself out of chairing the media regulator Ofcom, a new candidate steps forward There must be more curious ambitions but there are few more eccentric than wanting to be a regulator. It was not...

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Half the money, twice the value

Polly Graham It was the glamorous job that young journalists dream of, until it just didn’t seem very important any more During my 20-year career as a showbusiness journalist, I experienced many terrifying moments: facing volatile newspaper editors at morning...

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Monuments to a golden past

Nick Jenkins The most glorious newspaper palaces were taken over by bankers: the less beautiful ones were ground into dust When Max Aitken, the first Lord Beaverbrook, opened the Fleet Street headquarters of his Daily and Sunday Express papers in 1932, he was making a...

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