Editorial – It’s lonely at home 3

Not finally…

Martin Bright identifies a serious threat 5

Tim Luckhurst wants to like GB news 7

Grant Feller is proud of the Daily Mail 9

Martin Rowson finds lines of beauty 11

Brian Winston and Graham Law – The media and science 14

Emma Youle – Investigating Covid 21

Philip Harding – How the BBC can escape a mess 31

Stewart Purvis – The Tories revisit Channel 4 36

Ben Whitelaw – The online harms bill is flawed 41

Jo Adetunji – Censored by trolls 45

Stephen Vines – China kills Hong Kong media 51

Scott Griffen – Bad men turn on journalists 58


Rob Hutton is unusually numerate 63

Martin Moore enjoys historical perspective 65

Richard Tait views the Channel 4 archive 67

Pippa Crerar explores the lobby 69

Robin Muir admires style 71

Ann Leslie on women at war 74

Guy Adams asks for a new intro 76

Twitterwatch 30/40

Quotes of the quarter 50

The way we were 79

The Cudlipp Award 80

Come home

Say what you like about bankers, but you know where you stand with them. While most of the world’s employers fretted about persuading staff even to contemplate a return to the office, the boss of Goldman Sachs told his he’d see them at their desks or wouldn’t be...

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This must be stopped

Martin Bright It is now more than 20 years since The Guardian and The Observer fought off attempts by the government to force them to hand over documents in the case of MI5 whistleblower David Shayler. At judicial review, Judge Igor Judge concluded that demands to...

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Bad radio, awful pictures

Tim Luckhurst The writer is principal of South College, Durham University. My membership of the Free Speech Union and honest concern that decolonising the curriculum might narrow debate mark me out in academia. So I was not surprised when GB News invited me to appear,...

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Global assault on a free press

Scott Griffen All over the world, oppressive regimes are seizing the opportunity to introduce draconian laws, bully reporters and end media freedom On June 17 this year, 500 Hong Kong police officers marched into the newsroom of pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily,...

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Daily Mail wins Cudlipp Award

The Cudlipp Award, presented annually by British Journalism Review as part of the National Press Awards, has been won by the Daily Mail for its “Mail Force” PPE crisis campaign. The paper deployed its considerable editorial muscle to helping to resolve the shortage of...

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