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Andrew Gimson says voters don’t care 5

Ivor Gaber hates all the lying 7

Rebecca Whittington seeks local news 9

Donald Macintyre misses Labour reporters 11

Kim Fletcher watches a playground fight 14

James Hanning supports football writers 16

Mark Damazer The future of the BBC 19

Juliet Rix – Reporting Covid science 27

Ben Monro Davies – TV news changes forever 33

Clive Myrie – Regulation is good for us 39

Catherine Pepinster – Our godless media 45

Joanne Butcher – A plea for diversity 52

Lynne O’Donnell – Afghanistan press misery 57

James Rodgers – Russian revolution goes on 63


Rod Liddle half agrees with Peter Oborne 69

John Naughton investigates Bellingcat 72

Julian Petley wants close scrutiny 74

Brian Winston suspects Stuart Hood 76

Phil Harding follows Jon Sopel in the US 79

Alex Brummer admires Hella Pick 81

Twitterwatch 18

Quotes of the Quarter 38

The way we were 84

Give them a chance

Which journalist heart does not beat a little faster at the prospect of a new kid on the block? The television channel GB News has reached that exciting moment in any launch when anything seems possible, tantalising us with a Freeview channel number, a roster of...

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But does the public care?

Andrew Gimson There is often a gulf between what the media think matters about Boris Johnson, and what the public think matters. For the political journalist, any sign that things are not quite as they should be in Downing Street – that war is raging between different...

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Oh ye of little faith

Catherine Pepinster Given the role it plays in the lives of many readers, viewers and listeners, shouldn’t we do more to understand religion? In 1968, the most influential TV interviewer of his day, David Frost, sat down with Cardinal John Heenan on his Friday night...

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We must stand up for the reporters

Lynne O'Donnell Journalism was helping to bring democracy to Afghanistan. Now they are killing journalists and the future looks bleak again Afghan journalists are not just covering the front line of their country’s existential war with the Taliban – they are the front...

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This story has a long way to run

James Rodgers The first draft of history takes us only so far, says a journalist who watched the Soviet Union collapse Sensing that change was coming – although perhaps not exactly in the way it very soon happened – the Soviet and international news media were out in...

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