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Jemima Kiss may close her account 5

Grant Feller on why religion matters 7

Nick Jenkins has fallen out of love 10

Julia Langdon salutes a heroine 12

Roy Greenslade The IRA and me 15

Tom Leonard Liberal media miss Trump 25

Steven Barnett and Julian Petley Ofcom must get tough 29

Peter Bazalgette The television we need 37

David Higgerson Making local news work 45

Will Gore Facebook funds news 51

Ben Whitelaw Who needs editors? 56

Scott Griffen Why censors love Covid 61


Julia Langdon remembers Robert Maxwell 67

Trevor Kavanagh strolls down Memory Lane 68

Peter Wilby questions Alan Rusbridger 71

Anne Sebba admires brave women 74

Richard Tait supports the BBC 76

Edmund Fawcett explores power 78

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Wheeler award 43

Quotes of the quarter 44

The way we were 66

Local news: a blueprint

David Higgerson Forget the pessimism. The big audiences that use local media should encourage us to be more positive about the future of the industry The problem with any discussion about the state of local news in 2021 is that too many participants wear rose-tinted...

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A stranger to truth

It is rarely convincing when British newspaper editors set aside commercial rivalries to make common cause, particularly when they call in support some moral principle. We should always ask who benefits. Are they campaigning for truth and openness, or simply to...

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End of the affair

Nick Jenkins I fell in love with newspapers at a young age. It helped, of course, that my dad was a journalist. When I was just eight, I used to creep downstairs early to go through the pile of papers he had left on the kitchen table when he arrived home in the night....

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Why television is good for us

Peter Bazalgette As the future of broadcasting is questioned again, we should remember all the benefits brought by quality programming Our debate about public service broadcasting (PSB) has not been good enough. We prefer old certainties to new realities. Sometimes,...

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Forget your gut: look at the data

Ben Whitelaw Newsrooms need more data if they are to become profitable again. But what will editors do when the machines take over? Picture the scene. A question flashes up on a news editor’s smartphone: “What story do you want to tell today?” They are at home –...

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