Editorial – The sound of silence 3

Not finally

Michael White lives dangerously 5

Benjamin Wegg-Prosser speaks out 10

Micha Frazer-Carroll has had enough 12

Tom Leonard waits for the Sussexes 14

Ben Whitelaw waves his rattle 17

James Hanning Number 10 and the media 19

Andrew Gimson Boris Johnson and truth 30

Jemima Kiss The secrets of TikTok 35

Matthew Abbott News from next door 41

Brian Winston & Matthew Winston The danger of state subsidy 47

Michael Billington A love letter to theatre 52

Scott Griffen Hungary: a lesson for us all 57

Wendy Sloane Scaring your readers 63


Peter Stothard reads The Times 69

Colin Freeman on the doorstep 71

Martin Argles admires photojournalism 73

Robin Lustig reveres David Leigh 75

Peter McKay dissects a diarist 77

Twitterwatch 9

Quotes of the Quarter 40

The way we were 80

Balance of power

How galling it is to make an important and principled stand, only to see it cruelly misinterpreted. When Downing Street announced it would give broadcasters its own video of the prime minister’s Brexit day address to the nation, the BBC and ITV reacted in the way...

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Don’t call me..

Micha Frazer-Carroll
It’s 8:45 on a Saturday night, and I’ve had a pint. Me and my friends are all talking over each other – dissecting someone’s breakup, what tattoos we want, and where we’re going to go out dancing later. Suddenly, my phone screen lights up: ‘No Caller ID.’

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