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Not finally…

Michael White watches a witch hunt

The lady chief justice wants reporters in court

John Mair mourns questioning newspapers


Rachael Jolley joins a club

David Morley George Galloway and us

Ben Lynfield Israeli media bang the drum

Asad Ali Toor Why I fear for my life

Ian Reeves Death of a university course

Neil Roberts Russell Brand misses the target

John Ryley How to fix the BBC

Roy Greenslade Conspiracy in Ulster

Jody Doherty-Cove Let’s make AI our friend

Krzysztof Bobinski All change in Poland

Book Reviews

Yvonne Roberts braves the trolls

Tamzin Booth sees what we have become

Karl Pike reads up on the Labour leader

Martin Kettle remembers an earlier one

Colin Freeman on the horror for hostages

Robert Fox learns how to lie

Quotes of the Quarter

X watch

The way we were

The rest is politics

Given we are already knee-deep in stories about elections, how shall we cope when the prime minister gets round to calling one? Journalists pride themselves on knowing what their readers, listeners and viewers want: in believing they share their excitement about...

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