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Brenda Maddox, the distinguished author and journalist, who was one of the longest-serving members of the editorial board of the British Journalism Review, has died aged 87. Her death on June 16, 2019, occurred on a date celebrated as “Bloomsday” by scholars of James Joyce, among whom Brenda Maddox was numbered as the award-winning author of the hugely acclaimed 1988 biography of Nora Joyce.

Born Brenda Murphy in Massachusetts in 1932, she won a scholarship to read English Literature at Radcliffe, the women’s college of Harvard University, and worked first in journalism for the Quincy Patriot-Ledger. She moved to London in 1960 when she married the science journalist Sir John Maddox, (as he became) and began a long association with The Economist, where she was successively Britain editor and home affairs editor. In 1987 she became the media columnist of the Daily Telegraph, before moving to The Times. She demonstrated her scholarship and erudition in numerous articles and reviews in the British and American press and was a frequent contributor to BBC
Radio 4.

Her first book, published in 1972, was about the future of communications. Her subsequent biographies, for which she won many awards, included lives of Elizabeth Taylor, DH Lawrence, WB Yeats, Rosalind Franklin, George Eliot and Margaret Thatcher.

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